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About Terra Life

Terra Life Sciences is a holding company of a subsidiary operating as Olds SoftGels Inc. The Terra Life Sciences group (“the group”) owns and operates two pharma-grade facilities with capabilities to manufacture highly potent pharmaceuticals, Over the Counter (“OTC”) and premium grade Nutraceuticals, for both domestic and international markets. One of these facilities has been operating for more than thirty years. These facilities are licensed by Health Canada and fully GMP compliant.

The group is the process of securing its ACMPR license to enable the extraction of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from Cannabis and to manufacture and sell pharma-grade doses in various delivery systems. The group offers excellence in manufacturing doses in various delivery systems such as soft gels, liquids, topical, sprays and liposomes, with capabilities for quick release, sustained release and targeted release of medicine. The group is focused on scientific research and collaboration, and has plans to participate in clinic trials to fully explore the potential of cannabis for patient health, and to provide evidence-base products for the comfort of health practitioners.

Our Commitment

• We believe that cannabis-based products offer hope and effective options for improving your well-being.

• We believe in challenging the status quo by manufacturing innovative products from cannabis active ingredients, so that you
   can enjoy vibrant health.

• We believe in empowering you to choose a therapeutic approach that is best for your health and your happiness.

• We never compromise on science, so that you won’t have to compromise on your well being.

• We make products that are supported by reputable research and manufactured to the highest standard of quality.

• We provide education and information in a manner that is easy to understand